We have pursued the development of an excursion and outdoor education program because there is so much to offer the child that extends and complements the curriculum of the classroom. Indeed the commitment of the school to the development of the whole person makes the program a necessary part of the total school curriculum. The benefit to the students can be seen in many areas i.e. many activities help fulfill direct syllabus requirements for fieldwork. Experience outside of the classroom is an integral part of the school learning program as a new learning environment always stimulates children, as does the expertise of other teachers. It also helps children in developing their social skills and help in coping with the change and helps in developing new relationship between peers and teachers in a different environment. A child learns to face the responsibility of regarding the welfare of others and learning to serve.

It is noticeable to those who staff the excursion program that the intense nature of these experiences greatly enhances the development of self-confidence, initiative, co-operation, determination and organizational skills of the students.