Principal Message

Principal's Message

- William Butler Yeats

If there is one single factor within ones control that can directly determine who he/she is as a person, it is education. Education is not just acquiring the skills to make a living but it is the process of understanding the life. Today everyone wants the best education for his/her children. Deciding what is ‘best’, however can be a demanding and high pressure task, not only for the parents but also for the schools.

Sharda International School aims to provide quality education along with moral values and ethics which have, somehow, taken back seat in today’s world. We all know, time is very changing, but the challenges and obstacles to a proper education are more than ever by way of television, Facebook, virtual games etc. technological advancements have amazed and enticed our young generation and after fighting through all these distractions, there is precious little time and energy left with our young learners.

These all factors have increased the need of moral education and discipline for our children. Once young people grow familiar with an existence that is greater than themselves and acquire an aptitude and intellectual taste for the values, they become attuned to their purpose in life. They become children who relate to their parents with respect and affection.

At SIS, along with education, we emphasize on inculcating and nurturing the innate talents of our students by offering ample opportunities of active participation in sports and co – curricular activities to suit every interest and talent to increase harmony and respect for each other. We are committed to unlock the talents of very individual student and help them on their way to a lifetime of self – discovery and fulfillment.

Mrs. Abha Raghav